Many years of experience with important brands in the sector.

Diecast parts with high quality and reliability standards. IATF 16949 Certification.

Guaranteed safety and reliability.

Die-cast parts from primary alloys. High-performance seal machining.


We think big

the Service as added value

We put the needs of our customers ahead of everything. This allows us to offer the highest service.

CEO: Luca Paoletti

Firma Luca

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Our processes guarantee both high quality projects and products

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fonderie green

A green society is not only the prerogative of individuals, it must be primarily pursued responsibly by companies operating in the area.


Continuous monitoring of what the company releases into the environment is the first step in ensuring that emissions respect the territory by not contributing to the rise in pollution.

The goal of continuing to reduce pollution through increasingly advanced filtering and treatment systems for fumes and water is our main quality.

The search for systems that can guarantee stability in energy supplies and energy cost savings allow to raise the quality level in energy use with a drop in dispersion and the possibility of investing in an increasingly green perspective. State-of-the-art machinery to reduce energy consumption and consequently their environmental impact.


Safety in the workplace is a responsibility and an objective that Fonderie PL pursues daily through a sustainable working method based on continuous improvement.

We believe that at the basis of a safe workplace there is daily prevention; eliminating the problem to avoid accidents is a necessary however not sufficient action.

The goal we want to achieve with the collaboration of workers is to prevent any type of accident and for this we provide all the necessary resources.

Safe working is a right of every worker and a goal that we want to achieve every day.


Aluminum is an element that exists in nature and the chain of use and reuse can be repeated indefinitely without environmental impacts.

The wide use of secondary alloys, in agreement with the customer, allows the exploitation of aluminum obtained from a recycling process by minimizing the production of aluminum as extraction from the sedimentary rock, allowing the saving of large quantities of water, energy and bauxite .

The unused parts at the end of the die casting process enter the recycling chain for the production of new alloy.


our staff

We have always believed that the strength and competitiveness of companies are determined by the people who work there. Indeed, people, with their skills, their passion and dedication influence business success. Fonderie PL operates a top-level, qualified, young and dynamic staff, ready for future challenges.


We work for
large and small companies

Who are the People that mean for Fonderie PL? People are the customers with their needs, their problems and their queries. People are Fonderie PL team, technicians, engineers, key account, sales representatives, workers that have been working together for almost 20 years, in order to achieve more and more ambitious goals and to become the most reliable, successful partner for its customers.



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