Company profile

Fonderie PL has been producing die casting parts in alluminium alloy since 2000. In that year the owner Luca Paoletti established the company in the small town of Montefano in the region Marche (Italy). The main production plant is spread over 2500 sq. m. and 35 people work there including the CEO, sales, administration and HR, R&D and technical department, quality, production and maintenance department. In 2019 Fonderie PL extended its skills by opening a plant for metal finishing and specializing especially in tumbling. In the same plant the company moved its warehouse and implemented the transit method FIFO. 


We want to build partnership projects that allow us to excel in our sector and to grow by entering new markets.


- To guarantee excellent standards in terms of product quality and reliability towards our customers.

- To be a benchmark for stability, organization and transparency.

- To build our offer based on the real needs of the customer.

- To seek continuous improvement by investing in automation, innovation and training.


Who are the People that mean for Fonderie PL? People are the customers with their needs, their problems and their queries. People are Fonderie PL team, technicians, engineers, key account, sales representatives, workers that have been working together for almost 20 years, in order to achieve more and more ambitious goals and to become the most reliable, successful partner for its customers.


Over the years Fonderie PL has constantly improved and increased its quality standards managing to obtain the ISO 9001 certification and next the IATF 16949 certification.

Added value

Respect for the environment, transparency and reliability are the main keywords for our team.